Ainu (Japan)

ISO 639-3 Code : ain
ISO 639-2/B Code : ain
ISO 639-2/T Code : ain
ISO 639-1 Code : -
Scope : Individual
Language Type : Living

Names of Languages ISO 639-3 . 2013.

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  • Ainu music — refers to the musical traditions of the Ainu people of northern Japan.Genres include the oldest, yukar (mimicry), which is a form of epic poetry, and upopo, in which the second contrapuntal voice had to imitate the musical formula in the first… …   Wikipedia

  • AINU LITERATURE —    The term Ainu refers to an indigenous people who once occupied the northern islands of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kurils and who are now largely assimilated into the Japanese population, although there are still remnants in parts of Hokkaido …   Japanese literature and theater

  • Ainu-Sprache — Ainu (アイヌ イタク, Aynu itak) Gesprochen in Japan, früher auch Russland Sprecher 15 Linguistische Klassifikation Isolierte Sprache …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ainu (Sprache) — Ainu (アイヌ イタク, Aynu itak) Gesprochen in Japan, früher auch Russland Sprecher 15 Linguistische Klassifikation Iso …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ainu cuisine — is the cuisine of the ethnic Ainu in Japan. The cuisine differs markedly from that of the Wajin, or ethnic Japanese. Ainu cuisine, for instance, does not prepare raw meats like sashimi instead preferring to boil, roast or cure meat. The island of …   Wikipedia

  • Ainu (Begriffsklärung) — Ainu bezeichnet: das Volk der Ainu in Japan (Hokkaidō) und auf Sachalin, siehe Ainu die Sprache dieses Volkes, siehe Ainu (Sprache) eine turkische Volksgruppe in China (Xinjiang), siehe Abdal (Xinjiang) die Sprache dieses Volkes, siehe Äynu …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • ainu — àinu (àjnu, àinuskī) prid. DEFINICIJA ob. u: SINTAGMA ainu jezik lingv. genetski izoliran jezik u izumiranju koji se govori na Hokaidu (sjeverni Japan) i na Sahalinu ETIMOLOGIJA vidi Ainu …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Ainu — /ˈaɪnu/ (say uynooh) noun 1. an aboriginal people of the northernmost islands of Japan, having physical distinctions, such as lighter skin, from the majority of the population. 2. (plural Ainu or Ainus) a member of this people. 3. the nearly… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Ainu — [ī′no͞o΄] n. [Ainu, lit., human being (as opposed to a god) ] 1. pl. Ainus or Ainu a member of an indigenous people of Japan, now living mainly on Hokkaido and also on Sakhalin Island 2. the language of this people adj. of the Ainus or their… …   English World dictionary

  • Japān — (hierzu Karte »Japan und Korea«), Inselreich im äußersten Osten Asiens, das Nihón, Nippón oder Dai Nippon der Japaner, im Mittelalter Zipangu genannt. Diese Namen stammen teils von der chinesischen Bezeichnung Dschipönnkwo, teils von den sinisch… …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

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